Google Virtual Assistants

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What is a virtual assistant?

It’s a voice-activated tool for work and home. And it’s easy for both kids and adults to use.

Why Choose google?

  • Minimalist design matches all decor.
  • Streams with all smartphone brands
  • Not tied to a subscription.

What Can You Do With It?

What is a virtual assistant?

Stream music.
Control televisions.
Listen to podcasts.
Hear the news.
Synchronize multiple speakers.

What is a virtual assistant?

What's the weather today?
How's traffic?
Is my flight on time?
How many pounds in a kilo?
What's my schedule today?

What is a virtual assistant?

Add Bailey’s party to my calendar.
Remind me in an hour to call Mom.
Set a timer for twenty minutes.
Find me a recipe for salmon.
Add eggs to my shopping list.

Control smart lights, appliances, thermostats,
and security systems with just your voice.

Imprint Sizes

Marketing Fit

Real Estate Banks
Home Builders Insurance Companies
Contractors Security Companies
Mortgage Lenders Interior Designers
Media Companies ...
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