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Make Brands Work For You

Brands are More Profitable to the Distributor

The traditional motives for distributors to disregard brands have evaporated. Yes, the margins on brands are smaller, but with average order volumes of 35x or more, there is more potential revenue in helping your client engage using brands. Bespoke campaigns can also be priced differently to cover the additional curation, customization, and personalization that goes along with higher-end gift campaigns.

Brands Deliver More Value to the Customer

The standard for non-cash rewards is set high for good reason. Only brands can deliver the experience that makes the higher cost deliver a good return. It costs more to give a $50 gift than to give $50 in cash, so the experience for the recipient has to be engaging and create positive emotions that endure. Aspirational brands offer a shortcut to that kind of emotional engagement.

Brands Can Elevate Program Design

Brands have stories of their own, and are also woven into the lives and ambitions of the recipient. By including brands that align with your recipient’s values and aspirations, recognition programs can have more impact, drive deeper emotional connections, and generate more buzz.  This translates into the kind of engagement and loyalty returns that campaigns seek to build.

Brands Raise Perceived Value

When we feel a connection with a brand, we are more likely to pay more for it. This phenomenon has been well-documented and it can build up the impact of your program. And because we also attribute personalities and values to well-known brands, aligning with the right brand can help paint your customer’s campaign in a similar light.

Brands Endure, for Lasting ROI

The brand-name gadget may cost twice the price of a lesser-known equivalent, but typically gets used more often, and over a longer period. In part, this is because it’s supported by a robust warranty and better online documentation. But items with higher perceived value are also used more in public, kept longer, and even passed on to other family members before being discarded.