Top Fulfillment Trends for 2022

One trend taking corporate gift giving by storm in 2022 is the customizable gift bundle. Whether choosing gifts for employees, customers, charitable benefactors, or vendors, a custom bundle is a clever way to keep corporate branding visible, while presenting a truly unique gift experience.

Gift bundles can be used for building positive corporate culture, as event giveaways, as client loyalty rewards, or to mark milestones. Choose a selection of items to build a themed bundle, add your logo to some or all of the items, and you have a unique gift. Not only are gift bundles customizable, but so is the shipping.

Imprinted items can be repackaged in their commercial packaging, then shipped directly to the recipients. Or, you can provided custom packaging to give the entire gift a more personalized feel. Custom packaging is a perfect option for using ecofriendly, biodegradable or reusable wrapping options. Choose white label shipping and your gift will appear as though you personally wrapped and shipped it, just for them. White label shipping means the recipient won’t see any shipping labels, invoices, receipts, or the fulfillment company’s return address. This is a perfect option to give upscale campaigns a white glove touch.Build Corporate Culture

Themed bundles are a fun way to compliment a company-wide initiative, welcome a new hire, or just say thank you for a service milestone.

  • Hearken back to the days of the company picnic. Imprint a small grill cover and an apron with the corporate logo, then ship to employees directly. This is a convenient way to include remote employees who might otherwise be overlooked.
  • Bring the water cooler to the employees by imprinting beverage bottles with a favorite drink mix. Choose between standard and travel size bottles.
  • Bundle office must-haves like wireless earbuds, a branded travel mug, and a charging block to welcome a new team member.

Create Unique Event Giveaways

Choose items that compliment the theme of the event, add the corporate logo or event branding, repackage in the commercial packaging, and ship in bulk to the event.  Your branded items can then be added to displays, handed out at the door, placed in raffles, or added to other giveaway items to create an event gift bundle.

Unsure what might tie into your theme? Choose items such as wireless speakers or personal coffee makers that will appeal to the largest number of people

Assemble a Sincere Appreciation Gift

Appreciation gifts are perfect for vendors and employees alike to show your appreciation for their loyalty.

  • Imprint coffee mugs and pair them with hot cocoa and apple cider mixes for a great winter gift.
  • Choose a multi-piece gardening set for spring and add vegetable or flower seeds to go with it.
  • Encourage health and fitness with imprinted yoga mat paired with a fitness tracker.

Customizable gift bundles can be simple or complex, inexpensive or lavash, and can be shipped directly to the gift recipients in a everything from retail packaging to gift wrap to custom packaging.

At 365Wholesale, you can create a gift experience that is as unique as you are. Check out our brand library or contact us for information and support.