Six Service Awards for the Employee that Loves to Entertain

Sometimes the idea of having guests over can be stressful to think about, especially if you have a difficult time figuring out how to best entertain a group of people. Why not give your employees a gift that will get them excited to entertain their friends and family?

Presto Air Popper

Presto has multiple options to choose from when you want to pop your popcorn in style. Pop enough popcorn for the entire family to snack and enjoy on. Popcorn is a versatile snack that is perfect for movie nights, sleepovers, parties, and for smaller-sized gatherings.

Presto Rotating Pizza Oven

Pizza is an easy meal for hosts to prepare. The Presto rotating pizza oven is a stylish way to get a thorough bake and can even cook quesadillas, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and more!

Lipper International Bowls and Servers

Feeding large groups of people has never been more classic and stylish. Lipper International provides kitchenware that has an elevated look with some of the most highly-coveted types of wood such as acacia and bamboo.

Lipper International Wine Racks

Wine racks are a great way for the vinofile employee to display and store their wine. Lipper’s wine racks are designed with bamboo wood that looks great in every home.

Packit Freezable Picnic Bags

Treat your employees to a picnic bag that they can use with their friends and family. Picnics are a great way to make memories and enjoy beautiful weather.

Polaroid’s Instant Cameras

Instant cameras, also known as “polaroids”, have been a trending must-have item at intimate gatherings and big events alike. Many people have used instant cameras at wedding receptions, New Year’s Eve parties, and have even used the film exposures as decoration for marriage proposals.

Whether it be a movie night, Thanksgiving dinner, or a birthday celebration, your employees will always need something on hand to entertain their guests.

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