Leveraging Gifts for Memorable Meetings and Conventions

Although there is simplicity in a virtual meeting, professionals are craving face-to-face interactions now more than ever. Not only are physical meetings and conventions shown to have more success in communicating your thoughts and ideas, they provide better opportunities to connect with others. According to PromoLeaf, 70% of professionals say that in-person meetings are preferable to virtual meetings. This is primarily because the best networking happens face to face.

Simply put, better communication takes place during offline meetings and conventions. We’re better able to read the room and discern body language when our audience is physically in front of us. This additional data helps create opportunities for successful, emotional connections and engagement between professionals, colleagues, and clients.

Enhance Meetings and Conventions with Promotional Products

To heighten the emotional impact of meetings and conventions, organizers are turning to promotional products. Sought-after items like a new pair of Beats headphones are an investment toward ROE, or Return On Emotion. As we know, most purchases are attributed to emotion, not logic. So when a potential client walks away from your event with a gift or prize that leaves them feeling gratified, your brand has formed an emotional connection that will keep you top-of-mind longer.

Tailor Your Gift to the Occasion

Event organizers should also consider unique items that suit the occasion. If your convention requires people to travel long distances consider offering a neck pillow or a branded 4 in 1 multi-charging stand. 

Or, if your event has a theme or motto, find a gift that reinforces that messaging. On-theme gifts not only show off your logo, but these kinds of thoughtful gifts can express your appreciation for their attendance and your sincere interest in the event’s agenda.

Gift-giving Success Begins with Knowing Your Audience

As in any engagement, it’s important to know something about your audience in advance. It lets you tailor your messaging and helps you better meet your audience’s needs, tastes, and interests. 

If your colleagues or clients live an active lifestyle, they may be wowed by a deep tissue percussion massager. These portable items help athletes recover from physical activity much faster. 

On the other hand, a pair of versatile wireless bluetooth earbuds, is something both a marathoner and a music lover can appreciate.

With the world moving back to more face-to-face interactions, well-planned in-person meetings and conventions are great opportunities to make an impression and motivate your attendees. The right promotional products can help brands to heighten the emotional impact of an event by surprising and delighting attendees with memorable parting gifts.

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