Embracing Health and Wellness for Better Retention and Brand Awareness

Health and wellness has remained a constant topic on our minds despite all the changes and adjustments we make to find our new normal. This is because people are realizing that a healthy lifestyle is more than sanitizing before and after activities – it’s about seeking to improve ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whether it’s to lose our quarantine 15, deal with stress, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, people are making positive changes toward their overall health and wellness.

The business side of health and wellness continued to thrive during the pandemic despite the fact that nearly 15% of gyms closed down. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the market was worth nearly $4.5 trillion in 2021 and is estimated to reach about $7 trillion by 2030.

The significant uptick in the health and wellness market is also a result of businesses that embrace health and fitness for their staff. They encourage their employees to take on wellness initiatives because they know it improves productivity, morale, and retention. Whether it’s for an incentive program or reward system, an increasing number of brands are choosing gifts that are experiences or products that support a healthy lifestyle.

For gift ideas, at home wellness products like bathroom scales are as popular as ever because they motivate us to better manage our weight. And if we want a quick recovery to reach new levels in our workout goals, massage guns are the way to go.

During the pandemic, people found creative ways to live healthy lifestyles through better eating habits and at-home workouts. Since they were spending more time at home, they found new recipes that appeal to their health goals. Healthy recipes like smoothies are made easy with personal blenders, and instead of having to plug your nose to down a shot of apple cider vinegar, you can get the same health benefits through tastier gummies.

With the help of streaming services, home workouts are getting more creative as well. Now all we have to do is start up the diffuser with essential oils, lay out our yoga mat, stream an on-demand class. Just like that, we’ve created an atmosphere comparable to an actual yoga studio.

This isn’t to say that the gym industry is dying. In fact, with the pandemic starting to retreat, thousands are flocking back to the gym. People are gearing up for the gym with their new bluetooth earphones, fresh workout clothes, and shiny new water bottles in preparation for a summer that’s just around the corner.

Supporting wellness creates a perfect opportunity for businesses to spread brand awareness and foster loyalty among clients and employees. 365 wholesale provides thousands of health and wellness products that companies can put their brand names on to increase awareness. Visit our brand library or email us for a quote.