7 Employee Appreciation Gifts for the Office or Remote Employees

No matter the occasion, gifts for employees boost morale and improve your company culture. They’re more than just material tokens, but ways to express gratitude and make employees feel valued. Sometimes, the best items to give employees are items that upgrade their office, whether that be at your physical location or the home offices of those at remotely.

Here are seven gift ideas to upgrade your employees’ working experience, wherever that may be.

Altec Lansing Headphones

With all the Zoom calls, headphones let staff members tune into calls without distracting themselves or coworkers. To help them, Altec Lansing has a variety of options, from over-the-ear headphones to wireless ear buds.

Smart Watches

Smart watches have become a coveted item. Whether it be for notifications or for small reminders to take a mental break, Apple watches and other smart watches are choice gifts for your employees.

Lipper International Desk Organizers

An organized space boosts mental health and productivity. No matter where employees’ desks might be, space-saving desk organizers come in handy when team members have small work stations, or a lot of gadgets, pens, notebooks, and cords to wrangle.


If your employees are constantly on Zoom calls or hosting webinars, a professional microphone to connect with their laptops is a great appreciation gift. It can drastically improve the quality of sound for listeners, eliminating any background noise or echoes for a more professional display.

Upgraded Mouse

You can never go wrong with upgrading your employee’s mouse. This ergonomic mouse by Sculpt maximizes comfort and creates more natural hand, wrist, and forearm posture.

Wireless Keyboard

Between snacks at the desk and accidental coffee spills, wireless keyboards have been through the ringer. A nice gesture for any occasion would be to buy new wireless keyboards for your employees. Depending on the employee, you can get them an all-in-one media keyboard that comes with a mouse or a “gaming” keyboard that lights up different colors.

Power Strips

For remote employees, plugging in monitors, laptop chargers, keyboards, chargers for wireless devices, and sometimes printers can be a lot of stuff for an at-home office. As part of a tech gift, you can purchase smart power strips that turn on and off with a small button and have both AC and USB ports.

With so many creative gift options for every budget, there’s no reason not to show your team a little appreciation.

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