6 Tips For Designing an Effective Recognition Program

We all like recognition for what we’ve accomplished. This goes beyond having our photo put in a frame and hung up on the employee-of-the-month wall. We want something tangible, something they can keep and use. If done correctly, recognizing an employee for their productivity, performance, or loyalty is one of the best ways to increase retention, boost morale, and create a more productive work environment. That’s why recognition program design is so important—especially during a tough labor market.

Here are 6 tips for designing an effective recognition program:

1. Offer Big Rewards When Major Milestones are Met

When a major milestone is achieved, a reward that reinforces recognition goes a long way in supporting intrinsic motivation. Workers get a better sense of purpose and buy-into the company’s vision. Big accomplishments deserve big rewards like an Amazon Fire Tablet.

2. Offer Small Rewards for Small Milestones

If a worker hits their first year with the company or successfully finishes a new project, smaller rewards can surprise and delight the employee who was not expecting it. Gifts like wireless earbuds or yoga mats are excellent products that are both small and simple. Aside from predictable milestones like anniversaries, it’s best not to use small rewards too frequently or they’ll lose their surprise factor and begin to feel like compensation.

3. Align Your Recognition Program with Your Company’s Values

Your recognition should reflect what your company stands for and demonstrate the organization’s values. If your company values health and wellness, provide your employees with the gifts that expand their opportunities to improve their own health. For example, you could show appreciation for their years of service and that you value their healthy lifestyle with fitness watches.

4. Non-cash Rewards are Best

Recognition should be memorable and people remember gifts more than the extra digit in their bank account. However, employees will proudly display a trophy or show off a gold plated watch gifted to them for meeting a long-term quality standard.

5. Know Your Employees

Each employee is different. Some employees may enjoy a grand, public gesture of recognition while others prefer something more modest. Your program has to meet the needs of your employees. You might give two employees the same designer ballpoint pen, but do it in a way that best suits the employee.

6. Make it a Team Effort

Often, team members collaborate behind the scenes to accomplish larger tasks, so why not get these team members involved in recognition. Involving employees in the program design is a great way to further improve the recognition program’s ability to help everyone feel seen. This also leaves room for an element of peer recognition, like having a specific award that is earned only when an employee is nominated by their peers.

Whether you’re implementing a simple reward system or a grand ceremony, like The Dundee’s from The Office, be creative and consider the program’s goals when considering what to give. 365 Wholesale provides a wide variety of gift ideas to show your employees recognition, and quotes on any program are always free.