Kaito KA700 Bluetooth Emergency Solar Powered Weather Band Radio.

MSRP $140.00
Product Code KA700Red


All in one machine with super quality sound speaker that allows you to enjoy the music from all the sources. Built in MP3 player, Bluetooth streaming from your cellphone or any Bluetooth enabled devices like any Pads. Even from your computer via Bluetooth or Line in connection, and of course from the AM/FM and NOAA Radio stations. You can take it with you for outdoor sports with a feature for emergency or daily enjoy! It comes 4 way powered sources that you need it when in an emergency condition.
It has an efficient dynamo cranking mechanism that generates power to charge the battery. The Solar Panel is big enough to trickle charge the battery under any sun light to keep the battery alive. You can use any USB charger to charge the battery in a few hours and run the radio for days!

Product Features

  • Super quality sound speaker.
  • Built in MP3 player.
  • Bluetooth streaming.
  • AM/FM and NOAA Radio stations.
  • 4 way powered sources.
  • Solar Panel.
  • AM: 520-1719 Khz.
  • FM: 88.0- 108Mhz.
  • NOAA and Alert: 1-7 Channel.


  • Item Size: 3.6" x 5.9" x 10.5".
  • Color: Red.
  • Imprint Method(s): Pad.
  • Pricing is blank only.

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